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Papa Louie

papalouiAre you an adventure games enthusiast? Then look for Papa Louie and your gaming will never be the same. Papa Louie is an adventure game that tests your skills on discovering things and precise timing. The funny and addictive game comes with simple gameplay and graphics. If you have played the old Nintendo Mario games, you can have a clue of what's offered by this jump & shoot flash game. This is a great adventure game with difficult challenges, attractive graphics and many achievements. The aim of the game is to save Papa Louie and his esteemed customers from angry Sundaesauruses and the sweet candies. The rescued customers can be used in advanced levels where they have varied weapons. The game is about chef Papa Louie who is offering pizza to his customers. While serving the customers, the delicious foodstuff turns into monster pizzas which start to kidnap the customers and other people in the grain fields. Presented with this situation, the chef decides to fight the monsters in order to save the people taken hostage. The main features of Papa Louie include: Pizza Bat, Pepper Bomb, Chef Hat, Mutant Pizza and Submarine Sandwich. As the chef, you are required to use the bat, bomb and hat to fight the monster pizzas and the submarines. There are a number of levels to complete in Papa Louie. When you level up, you are supposed to earn coins and stars which you can use to buy items you need to conquer the enemies. The main goal of Papa Louie is to rescue all the customers and stop any further pizza mutation. As on how to play the game, use the Right Arrow key and Left Arrow key to move the character right and left respectively. The Down Arrow key will help you pick the pizza boxes while the Space Bar to glide. The "Z" and "X" keys are for using the pizza bat and pepper bomb respectively. This is a piece of pie to swallow in terms of playing and is appealing to all ages. Default controls have right and left movements controlled by right and left arrow keys. The up arrow aids in jumping as well as swimming upwards. Your down arrow is for swimming downwards and sliding down hill to deal with buddies along the hill. You should attack angry candies using the space bar. Furthermore, there are customized controls you can select. Set them in a manner that maximizes your playing comfort of Papa Louie. There are 48 achievement badges for you thus try to attain all of them. In addition, you can find help and everything you need on the screen. Start playing Papa Louie today.

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